It is a safe method of alleviating the negative effects of baldness. The micropigmentation treatment allows for perfect imitation of the hair, which allows to conceal the alopecia. We obtain the effect of a short-cut hair and optical density in the case of rare hair. Micropigmentation helps with the covering of various types of scars or cavities. The pigment can be from 2 to even 5 years on our head, depending on the individual response of the scalp to pigmentation and its ability to maintain the pigment in the epidermis.

Consultation before the procedure: assessment of the situation, examination of the scalp (+ possible trichological examination – examination of the scalp and bulbs of hair), individual pricing of the treatment: PLN 100.
In the price of the treatment I offer a 10-year warranty thanks to which any correction or dopigmentation is possible.

Properly performed treatment does not harm the growing hair, often causes stimulation and growth of new hair (microcavities cause better blood circulation to the skin). The treatment does not cause an undesirable effect. After the treatment the skin is reddened only for a few hours to several days. The procedure itself involves introducing the dye into the deepest layer of the epidermis with a single thin needle. A drawing is pre-arranged, which allows you to precisely shape. The time of the procedure is about 4-5 hours, if anesthesia is needed, it is also included in the procedure price.

The treatment is performed using a special bioabsorbable pigment, its durability (remaining in the epidermis) is different and difficult to predict accurately. It can range from 2 to even 5 years depending on the individual skin reaction to the dye and its ability to maintain the pigment in the epidermis.

  • age,
  • time to regenerate the epidermis,
  • type of skin (thick, thin, seborrhea, dry),
  • type of skin phototype,
  • exposure to sunlight or solarium,
  • taking medicines, sterid ointments, etc.

This is the safest method that allows full control over
the quality of pigment in the skin. What’s more, it’s the perfect solution for those
all who do not want to risk a good looking in the future.

Before treatment, the hair its better be short-cut – the ideal length is 0.3-0.5mm. We set the density, shade and hairline together. The most frequently established hairline is a jagged line at the front, slightly irregular so that the most natural effect is obtained.

After the micropigmentation of the head skin

After the treatment, it is recommended to maintain this length so that the pigment looks natural and adjusts to the natural density of the hair. It is best to shave the hair with an electric razor with the tip removed or a disposable razor. Micropigmentation of healthy skin takes 1-3 treatments. The first effects are visible after 1 treatment. Hairy scalp remains intact, there is no possibility to damage their bulbs, on the contrary, the procedure is a kind of micro-needle therapy for the scalp and in some cases stimulates the growth of new hair.