Needle mesotherapy

Face (1 treatment)

PLN 250

Hands (1 treatment)

PLN 150

Skin of the head (1 hair strengthening treatment, bulbs)

300 zł

Skin of the head (1 treatment for the problem of baldness, hair thinning)

PLN 350

Needle mesotherapy treatment – face, hands (1 treatment)

PLN 350

Mesotherapy Dr Cyj (4 treatments)

PLN 2000

Two-step mesotherapy method (4 treatments)

PLN 2000


Consultation, examination of the scalp, hair follicles, bulbs, physiological phases of hair growth with trichogram and trichoscopy + analysis and recommendations

PLN 100

Micropigmentation of the scalp

Androgenetic alopecia

PLN 1500-6000

Bend on the scalp

PLN 1500-2000

Crown of the head

PLN 1500-2000

Bends + top of the head

PLN 2500-3500

The whole head

PLN 6000

The density of natural hair

from PLN 2000

Alopecia areata

from PLN 1500

Camouflage scars

PLN 2000


PLN 100

*In the price of the treatment we offer a 1 year quarranty – it is possibble to which any correction or dopigmentation and 10-year quarranty.

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