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HEALTHY HAIR CLUB – this is the place for you – here you will find your charm and natural look, we will take care of your healthy hair and provide effective solutions for baldness and hair loss.

Hair is our power and it is about our sense of value from here so important professional approach to the problem and effective solutions, starting from the most important step – trichological examination to properly selected treatments solving any problem with hair – needle mesotherapy treatment, scalp micropigmentation and hair system solutions – INJECTION HAIR SYSTEM.



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Urszula Dawid

Cosmetologist, trychologist

Cosmetologist - post-graduate studies in Bioesthetic Cosmetology in Gdansk. Completed training in needle mesotherapy and 1st and 2nd degree training in working with cross-linked and non-crosslinked hyaluronic acid - Mezoderm in Warsaw.

Trychologist - completed training at the clinic in Warsaw and at the Nubea clinic in Italy - Pescara. Completed training on micropigmentation of the scalp.

Many years of experience, allowing to perform treatments aimed at improving the quality of the scalp and hair - a trainer in the field of trichology and micropigmentation of the scalp, so many experiences during training with enthusiasm and professionalism.

"As a cosmetologist, I know how important it is to feel comfortable and safe during the treatments and the effects are completely satisfying." As a trichologist, the so-called "hair expert", I will provide a complex of services and treatments related to combating hair loss, alopecia, I love it when my work gives customers big satisfaction. "

Privately, a woman with undying optimism, an enthusiast of beauty and natural ways of displaying beauty. A fan of sports, motorcycles, bicycles, windsurfing, sky-high plane flights. Open to people and new challenges.

 Best regards and welcome,

Ula Dawid


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